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Composite Doors – What Are They?

Composite front doors have become a popular choice all across the UK for all those looking to spruce up the outside appearance of their homes. But what exactly are they?

The prices of composite doors may vary from installer to installer. However, the benefits one of these doors provide stays the same. To make the most of the way one of these doors will affect your home, it is important to get a certified installer. Companies like FENSA and CERTASS provide certification for double glazing and door installers nationwide.

These doors are a great addition to any home. They can also provide a number of brilliant benefits!

What Are Composite Doors?

The materials that make these doors up is what gives them their name. They are a composition of various materials.

A typical composite door will consist of the following materials:

UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) – a certain type of plastic which is not softened by the manufacturing process. This handy plastic can be recycled up to ten times before losing its strength.

Solid Timber – this type of wood is cut directly from the tree. It does not go through any special engineering process, and contains much of the beautiful imperfections of natural wood.

Glass Reinforced Plastic – a strong, light, and highly versatile type of plastic. It behaves in a different way to standard thermoplastics. It is otherwise known as fibreglass or composite plastic.

The variety of materials in each door presents a number of benefits and advantages. Each material brings its own advantages to the ballpark. They also all work together to become a combined material with plenty of advantages.

Each door is designed and manufactured to be brilliant!


In conclusion, composite doors are made from a number of materials. The typical materials are UPVC, solid timber, and GRP.

Each of these materials helps build durability, and also appearance.

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