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Is a UPVC Window the best option?

windows being screwed into the frame

When browsing through new double-glazed window options, you will notice the UPVC is an incredibly popular choice for many. This material has been adapted and developed over the years.

It had a heyday in the 80s, but this type of plastic has since been adapted and engineered to last longer in terms of colour and longevity.

If you are considering installing UPVC windows in your home, you may want to know a little bit more about it before putting all of your eggs in one basket.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, it really is hard to beat UPVC. Specifically, white UPVC is the most affordable option for brand new double-glazed windows.

This is because it is low-maintenance to produce. UPVC windows are created by transforming a plastic powder into a liquid and then setting it. This powder is already white, so there’s no need to treat it or change it.

White UPVC windows can look quite smart too on a property, and are an up-front sign that your home has been fitted with modern windows (if you are considering kerb appeal).

Colour matching

Because you are opting for plastic frames, it’s very easy to customise them to be the colour you want. You can, therefore, match your window frames to your home’s general aesthetic. If you want brown, black or green frames, the world is truly your oyster.


For homeowners who live next to the seaside, erosion should be a huge consideration for the material you choose for your window frames. Aluminium will erode over time as it does not react well to sodium (contained in sea salt.)

uPVC Windows being removed from a building

UPVC is incredibly resilient in terms of erosion, and so will be a preferable option for those who have a sea view from their property. UPVC is also incredibly weather-resistant as a whole.

Generally-speaking, UPVC is incredibly long-wearing. You can expect to get decades of use from your new double-glazed windows. They will stand up to cold and miserable weather and maintain their colour throughout.

New UPVC Windows: a general perspective

If you decide to replace your windows with UPVC versions, know that you will be getting the benefits of brand new double-glazed windows regardless. New double-glazed windows add instant security to your home.

A modern, sealed and locked UPVC window will be a huge deterrent compared to a much flimsier single-glazed version in a wooden frame. You will also get the inevitable benefit of lower energy bills too.

UPVC is particularly good at keeping cold air outside; it’s far less effective at conducting freezing temperatures (compared to aluminium). With UPVC windows, you will get both security and temperature control, even with the cheapest option.

If you want durability, affordability and all the other benefits of brand new double-glazed windows, then UPVC could be the material for you.

The cheapest option will, of course, be the white versions, but for a little bit extra, you can create a more custom look that truly matches the look and feel of your home.